VersaChock - Wireless Trailer Restraint
VersaChock - Wireless Trailer Restraint
VersaChock - Wireless Trailer Restraint
VersaChock - Wireless Trailer Restraint
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The Wireless Trailer Restraint System

Securing your vehicle made easy.

Serco VERSACHOCK provides a simple, cost-effective means of securing trailers while effectively communicating operation status with drivers and dock workers to ensure a safe and productive dock operation. Best of all, VERSACHOCK is a completely portable and wireless system. No permanent structure is mounted to the drive nor is there an umbilical cord to get tangled or damaged, providing clear & consistent operation.

Key Features

Wireless Engagement Detection:

Patent-pending engagement design provides wireless wheel detection at all engagement ranges. No chock cabling or wiring is required


Anodised Aluminium Chock:

6063 aluminium extrusion with clear hard anodised finish for superior corrosion protection


Pivoting Chock Sensor Arm:

Built in sensor reflector provides superior engagement detection and reduced storage profile


Heavy-duty Wheel Trigger:

Pivoting ¾ inch steel wheel trigger

Heavy Duty Storage Cradle:

¼ inch galvanized steel cradle design provides both secure storage for the chock as well as engagement detection lighting and sensor arm adjustability.

All exterior power is 24V dc.

Stainless Steel Sawtooth Anchor:

Prevents movement of the chock under wheel engagement

Industrial Sensor Unit:

Extended range retroreflective all-weather beam sensor with full adjustability at installation

Wheel Engagement Light:

High intensity all-weather white LED light communicates to the operator when the chock is in proper wheel engagement Length provides dockworker sufficient leverage to easily raise the platform.

How it Works

Hover over the hotspots to view the simple VersaChock operation.


1. The sensor unit projects a laser toward the chock reflector.


2. When the handle has been moved to the vertical position, the reflected signal is able to hit the sensor.


3. The base mounted LED will illuminate, confirming the chock is locked in.

Interior Control System

IP 66 rated interior control panel

LED communication lights inside and outside.

Override feature

240 Volt / Single-phase power for the panel - all outside power is 24 volt outside power is 24 volt

VersaChock MCU