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Our biggest Freight Mate yet, the 4800 is available now.

Freight Mate 4800
Freight Mate 4800

Introducing the Freight Mate 4800.

The next iteration in the Australian designed Freight Mate Goods Lift series.

Along with optional full height upper landing doors, the 4800mm floor-to-floor reach extends 800mm higher than our previous vertical travel champion.

As with the entire range, the design is flexible and can be used in a wide range of applications including retail, warehousing, apartments, wash down and other harsh environments.

With a weight capacity of 1000kgs, the 4800 retains many of the features of its smaller counterparts.

Features Include:

  • A self-supporting structure that does not require attachment to a dock.
  • Adjustable range from 4000 to 4800.
  • Left-hand and right-hand mounting options for doors, panels and power unit.
  • No Pit required.
  • 2m/min (30mm/s) travel speed.

Get in contact with your local sales representative to find out more. Details can be found on our contact page.
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Freight Mate 4800
Freight Mate 4800

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