Lo-Lift_lifter lower side view 1_2400px

Pitless Lo-Lift at Intel Data Centre

Safetech was pleased to supply our low profile Lo-Lift to S2 Automation in Israel who installed this hoist along with other equipment into the Intel Data Centre.

We received an initial email enquiry and after some dialogue to establish the requirement we presented specifications, drawings and photos of our Lo-Lift which was accepted as an ideal and safe lifting solution.

The hoist is used to move pallets of goods to a raised floor instead of the somewhat risky task of pushing a heavy load up a nearby ramp.

The Lo-Lift doesn’t require a pit as it has a lowered platform height of only 40mm with a short 170mm long entry ramp at the lower level for easy access with trolleys or hand pallet trucks.

The hoist supplied has guard locked swing gates at both landings and sheeted barriers along sides to enclose the hoist for safe and simple operation.

The hoist was also painted in Surf Mist colour to match the cleanroom environment.

Safetech supported S2 Automation with the install by providing detailed drawings and some helpful instructions.

Some kind words from Yosi Astanovsky – CEO S2 Automation - Israel:

“Glad to inform you that your lifter passed all tests and have great feedback from Intel Engineers and Safety Officers.  I am grateful to you Ian for your outstanding support as it was a challenging project all done remotely, but perfectly!!“