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Pallet Dispenser

The Best Pallet Management System

Effectively manage your pallet rotation & distribution

Pallet Dispensers provide safe and efficient pallet handling for warehouses, distribution centres, factories or any company with a high pallet turnover.

They create pallet storage and assist to effectively separate pedestrian traffic from forklifts - a primary aim of all Australian OH&S authorities.

All Safetech Pallet Dispensers are designed and manufactured in Australia at our Victorian factory.

Features Include:

  • Safety fencing
  • Photo-Eye protection
  • 3 phase
  • Pallet capacity: Up to 50 Pallet & double hoppers
  • Pallet guide rails and gate
  • High cycle options
  • Illuminated controls with status indication
  • Pallet size: 1165 x 1165mm, but can be adjusted to suit other pallets
  • Robust design
Pallet Dispenser anim

Pallet Accumulation.

Used in automation systems to accumulate and stack pallets in-line for removal by fork or Automated Guided Vehicle (AVG)

100% duty cycle pallet dispensers

Safetech’s heavy-duty high cycle pallet dispenser is available in multiple configurations.

Single to 30 pallets - ideal for in-line automation systems and separation of pedestrian traffic from forklifts.

Double 50 pallets, used in large distribution centres where 2 pallets are dispensed. The option of back to back hoppers provides dispensing one or two pallets at a time.

Safetech pallet dispensers are perfect for automation, high throughput warehouses and distribution centres.

Same Side Load & Dispense

Our standard configuration is perfect for placement against walls or in low volume applications

Opposite Side Load & Dispense

Load pallets one side while retrieving from the opposite this is the ideal way to separate pedestrian traffic from forklifts

In-line Conveyor Fed Dispense & Accumulate

These units allow a stack of pallets to be driven in while dispensing one pallet at a time through the rear of the dispenser can also be optioned to accumulate pallets individually

Same Side Load & Dispense - Double

The unique double deep pallet dispenser allows for two pallets to be dispensed for greater throughput

Dual Side Load & Single Dispense

Dual end pallet loading provides the same high volume dispensing as the double deep while allowing the option of selecting one or two pallets at a time.

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