MCG Custom Glass Freight Hoist

Nothing defines Melbourne more than the MCG. Australia’s favourite sporting stadium is a national jewel and home to many of the world’s greatest sporting events. Importantly any projects in this precinct need to meet the highest standards for performance and aesthetics.

Safetech built and installed a custom Freight Hoist for the MCG water recycling plant. In an arena that is home to world class achievement Safetech’s world class design is a perfect partner.

Safetech MCG Goods Hoist

The MCG project highlights Safetech’s ability to rise to a unique challenge with bespoke, innovative and responsive design. Every day our engineers work with clients around the country to provide similar customised design experiences that add value to your business.

Safetech has gained the confidence of Australia’s best companies. Let us show you why.

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Safetech MCG Goods Hoist