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Lifting Table helps airline catering company take off!

Alpha Flight Lift Table
Alpha Flight Lift Table


Alpha Flight Lift Table
Cairns, Queensland

Alpha Flight are one of Australia’s largest airline catering companies. Currently operating in 62 airports in 11 countries, with 10 in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin, Cairns and Canberra airports.

As part of Alpha Flights constant expansion, Safetech was commissioned to supply and install another of our 2t capacity Lift Tables for their new Cairns distribution facility.

This is one of many of our tables throughout their facilities in Australia at major airports.

It will be used on high rotation to lift the numerous catering trolleys and supplies up to the trucks behind the interlocked doors.

As always safety is paramount to operation. This model has robust balustrades to allow safe personal travel. As well as high visibility skirting to prevent any accidents from trolleys or people getting underneath.

This proven design has many variations that can fit almost any space, including pit-less hoists and high capacity models.

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