Edge of Dock Leveller

Edge of Dock Leveller

The Mechanical and Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveller

Why the Edge of Dock

When the difference in range of vehicle bed heights to the dock height is minimal the face mounted Edge of Dock Leveller is a cost effective alternative.
To suit today’s markets this dock leveller offers durability and long term performance.
Like all quality Safetech Dock Levellers, the Edge of Dock Leveller is built to last, incorporating the latest technology, best materials and manufacturing techniques.

The Edge of Dock Leveller model incorporates a variety of new features:

• Open lug-style front lip hinge.
• Laminated dock bumpers.
• Reduced deck and lip crown with high crown options.
• EZ-Hang tabs to simplify installation and ensure proper alignment.
• Service range of 125mm above and 125mm below dock height.

Properly selected and installed, they offer the following benefits:

• Bridges the gap between the dock and the truck.
• Compensates for minor variances in truck bed heights.
• Always in place, ready to use.
• Reduces man hours and vehicle turnaround time at the dock.
• Provides a safe efficient means of loading and unloading vehicles.
• Rugged and simple in construction requiring little maintenance.
• Simple to use.
• Cost effective.
• No civil works required (face mount units only)
• Easy to install.