Custom Coastal Vehicle Lift
in Bunbury WA

A lift good enough to put on display. The closest car lift to water in Australia (& maybe the world?)

This AutoMate vehicle lift has been specifically designed to showcase premium vehicles. The specified finishes are up to the challenge of enduring the harsh coastal air.

Project 31, which refers to the owner a local identity & international race car drivers car number, is a high-end development constructed by BGC Construction. Located directly on the water’s edge in Bunbury WA.

The design process

Safetech was invited early in the development phase which helped us to provide the best solution possible.
By engaging us early, our sales and in-house engineering teams were able to minimise the impact on architectural design changes. The biggest change was replacing the requested scissor lift with the more appropriate AutoMate single rail lift which is better suited to the coastal environment.

Finishes and details

It was also our ability to provide custom components and finishes that meet C5M(Severe Marine Environment) requirements that made the entire project possible.

These include 316 Marine Grade Polished Stainless Steel - the only material suitable for this environment.

Touch-sensitive controls mean there are no moving parts that the salty air could penetrate and degrade.

It was important for this lift to allow kids and passers-by to see inside the building and view some high-end cars. Other companies may have allowed for no sidewall which was preferred, but safety was our main priority. With the adjacent glass wall, we designed the Perspex lift walls to protect passengers, while withstanding the forces imposed by a flexing booth.


The custom-designed door at ground level combines Safetech technology with professional architectural finishes. We used our reliable high-speed DuraFast roller mechanism to create a custom vertical lift door. This reduced the space required to install which provided a more streamlined look with no bulkhead/pelmet. The cladding has been designed internally, decorated by the owner's race number in his distinct style.


With the entire lift and its components on display, extra care was given to the routing of cables and other hardware to minimise their visual impact.

We have received excellent feedback from the customer, architect and builder about the design and the professionalism of the installation team working within the COVID guidelines and restrictions.

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