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Safety and Productivity by Design

City of Perth adds to their Safetech collection.

A FM3200 and 90° Dock hoist installed to boost the City of Perth’s facility efficiencies

Freight Mate 3200

In addition to their custom FM4800 seen here, The City of Perth will benefit from this FM3200 with same side entry for their mezzanine. This Freight Mate was mostly standard with a relatively simple installation, providing COP a cost-effective solution to improve the movement of goods.

Dock Hoist

With limited space, Safetech also built a custom dock hoist with boom gates and sheeted handrails in a 90° loading configuration. Due to the space constraints, only a single control panel at the upper level was installed.


Our standard decent protection safety bar and optional skirt ensures a safe environment free of crushing hazards or collection of dangerous debris.

For more info on Freight Mates or Dock Hoists, visit the product pages or give us a call.

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