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Your New South Australian Safetech Representative, Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is one of Safetech’s sales veterans, handling the high paced and rapidly changing Western Australian market for the last 7 Years.

But with 20+ years of industry experience, Nathan will now be taking the reins from John Fortunato to cover our South Australian customers.

John has helped Safetech develop a strong SA presence, but will now be focusing on Victoria as that market continues to grow.

Upon receiving the news, Nathan told us he was excited to extend his reach across the country. He’s keen to develop some strong bonds with our SA customers and learn more about the state, the projects and the people there.

He was also proud to be the Safetech representative with the greatest geographical reach of anyone in the company.

Nathan will be a part-time resident, visiting the area regularly each month.

With an in-depth knowledge of all Safetech products, if you’re in South Australia and need assistance with your project, get in touch.

1800 674 566

Victorian Manufacturer of The Year 2019 – Safetech

After being nominated amongst a field of prestigious competition, Safetech was announced as manufacturer of the year in the medium business category at this year’s Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards.


To receive this honour from our peers is especially rewarding. The Victorian Manufacturing Awards are judged by people involved in manufacturing and the winners are companies that have demonstrated sustained excellence in performance. It’s a bit like winning the players award in AFL or NRL.

The night is attended by manufacturers, manufacturing consultants and the government agencies associated with business development – all work in manufacturing and understand the challenges, the global competitiveness and what it takes to succeed in manufacturing.





Virginia Trioli hosted and our award for Best Manufacturer – medium sized business – was one of the 3 major awards – Best Small, Medium and Large Manufacturer. We were thrilled to simply be a finalist and I thought that would be it. To win was a wonderful surprise and made for a very exciting night.

It’s a team win – this award recognises the engineering and manufacturing excellence of Safetech over many years. Our focus on customers and delivering the best, most innovative products and supporting them after the sale is at the heart of our success.


Safetech Shortlisted in the Victorian Manufacturing awards

The Victorian state government sponsors annual Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards recognising the best Victorian manufacturers.

This year Safetech has been selected as a finalist in the medium business category –  businesses with 20 – 200 employees. The winners will be announced at a gala dinner in Melbourne on May 14.

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Ifm video features Safetech as they showcase their Australian team.

In late November, ifm’s German headquarters sent out their professional film crew to capture what it meant for them to be present in Australia.

As a part of the production, Safetech were happy to host the crew and be part of their story.

Our very own Technical Director Bruce Cox and Electrical Engineer David Burleigh jumped in front of the lens, providing an insight into how Ifm’s product range assist with our own innovations and product developments.

We are excited to continue our strong working relationship with the Ifm team.

Get in contact to find out how this improves the capability of our products for our customers.


We’re back for a big 2019!

Safetech is open for 2019The festive season is over and we are back!

The crew are refreshed and ready to get started on whats shaping to be a massive year for Safetech.

Our Vehicle Lifts are being installed at an increasing rate. Our Dock Products production and installation is ramping up, and orders for all our materials handling equipment, lift tables and cranes are already flooding in.

We cant wait to attack this year with our continued enthusiasm and drive for innovation. We also cant wait to be working with our fantastic clients and partners for a strong 2019!

Get in contact for all sales, service and support.

30 years clocked for Safetech’s First Staff Member

Bruce Cox, Safetech’s Technical Director, reached 30 years of service today.


Some would call him the brains of the company, others call him mentor, the rest of us just call him a top bloke. But there is one thing we all agree on;

Since joining forces with the Wakefield’s in the late 80’s to create the first ever Palift in his garage at home. His ongoing contribution to the development of innovative and refined products, sees Safetech continue to be market leaders in the Materials Handling and Lifting industry.

If you know Bruce at all (or even if you don’t) please help us to congratulate him on this milestone.

The people behind the products – Safetech’s 2017 team

Team Photo - Safetech
Team Photo – Safetech

A rare encounter

A rare encounter took place last week. As part of the annual company development conference, all teams from around the country visited head office. Bringing the entire company, minus the installation and service teams who were out servicing customers around the country, together in the one place! As the company continues to grow it can be a challenge to bring everyone together.

Not only did we take this opportunity to introduce everyone to new team members and those from various states, we enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch as well as take this stunning photo of our (mostly) excited faces.

Safetech place great importance on celebrating our successes throughout the year, and we were able to internally showcase our new products and offerings, key projects, as well as strengthen the company’s vision across all departments.

Our operations Manager Gary Williames shared information about our continuous improvement activities and training, and shared our timetable leading into the Christmas break.

Gary ExplainingTeam Discussion

Make sure you are subscribed to our social media pages (links below) and keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more information about the company development conference. The team are excited to showcase the latest and greatest in Safetech innovations.

Staff Retirement – Leigh Dodd and Denise Claxton

To our staff and customers,

As valued partners of Safetech you are probably aware of the recent retirement of two of our longest serving and much loved staff members – Denise Claxton and Leigh Dodd.

Leigh has been one of the cornerstones of our sales department for 18 years and is a true larger than life character well known to all. With his enthusiasm, energy and comprehensive knowledge of every town and every byway in Australia (the starting point for all sales conversations – “Do you know so and so?” “I was passing through there in 1882!”, “My Uncle Bob was the town crier”) he has been a major player in the growth of Safetech. Leigh Dodd was also responsible for teaching the ropes to all of the others in sales – Chris, Luke, Tim, Adrien etc  and has always been at the fore front of our sales and support efforts. The time has come for this ex cockie, real estate agent, country fiery and materials handling specialist  to pack up and head out in his new Winnebago to explore the few parts of the country he hasn’t yet been to. If he can get the Winnebago on a boat then the Cook islands are also bound for a visit. Good luck and safe travels Mr Dodgy!! (as Denise would say)

The lass from Lancashire is the oldest surviving Safetech staff employee (don’t ask where the others are). Her kindly smile and gentle manner have graced our company for nearly 30 years and we are all the richer for having known and worked with Denise. A constant friendly presence loved by all Denise has arrived at Safetech when we were a 3 staff, single product, single office company and has seen us grow from then.  We often referred to her as the real power behind the throne, the person who really ran Safetech in the early days. For many years Denise has been central to all of the goings on at Safetech and we are all going to miss her smile and cheerful demeanour. Nothing will ever be quite the same without Mrs Claxton. Certainly not the Christmas parties and staff functions where Denise has been known to let her guard slip just a little!

To Leigh and Denise –  the directors and staff at Safetech wish you all the best and want you to know you will be missed and leave behind many friends, fond memories and a lasting legacy. Come back and visit often.
Lindsay, David, Toni, Bruce and all at Safetech

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