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Gorbel Easy Arm now part of the Hawkei assembly team

Made in Australia and sold globally, the Hawkei is a local success story.

Hawkei uses Easy ArmThe Hawkei is a locally designed and manufactured protected vehicle which will replace the current Land Rover Perentie Fleet in the Australian Defence Force.

With a contract to manufacture 300 Hawkei Protected Vehicles for the ADF over three years, Thales Bendigo has a bright future.

Benefits to the Bendigo region include employment of around 150 personnel. This will increase to 200+ as production of Hawkei increases.

The Gorbel Easy Arm is now part of the assembly team at Thales Bendigo, installed with custom lifting jigs and a 150kg capacity. Continue Reading…

Gorbel Easy Arm replaces Vacuum Lifter

Case Study

Industry:  Wine and Beer Distribution Centre
Product:  Gorbel Easy Arm


A liquor distributor was looking for a lifting solution to move liquor boxes from pallets to carts. They needed a solution that could handle many different types of boxes and containers. In this application they handled 28 different container types of beer, wine, and liquor, including boxes, wood cases, and plastic wrapped cardboard trays. They were using a vacuum lifter mounted on a bridge crane. Not only was this loud and cumbersome, but it couldn’t handle all the different types of boxes, so the workers were still manually lifting some of the containers.


Gorbel Easy ArmThe solution came in the form of an Easy Arm® Q . The dealer integrated it with a custom vacuum pad that securely held all box types used. They use the slack limit switch to interlock with the vacuum release switch in order to prevent unintended release of the load when it is suspended.

The Easy Arm® was such a successful solution for their retail location that they also added one to their distribution center, where they were easily able maintain the minimum required cycle count of 200 cases per hour.

Gorbel Easy Arm eliminates Manual Lifting

Case Study

Industry:  Manufacturer of Wood Splitters
Product:  Gorbel Easy Arm with custom Magnetic Tooling


The process of lifting the cylinders from pallet to conveyor takes two people which effects productivity and ties up staff who could be working on other tasks.

Back injuries have also been a significant issue.

The customer had been considering using a chain hoist with slings to improve the process. But after seeing a demo of an Easy Arm handling similar cylinders the decision was easy.

The Solution

Gorbel Easy ArmAn Easy Arm Intelligent Assist Device with 165 lb. Q unit and a custom magnetic tool.
With the new unit in place, the customer was able to eliminate an operator, improve their cycle times, and decrease their rate of injuries in that work cell. It helps establish the Easy Arm as an affordable solution for a wide range of operations.

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