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Before & After Dock Hoist Replacement for Coles

Just like Safetech, Coles take employee safety seriously.

Coles Bicton WA Old Hoist
old dock hoist in need of replacement
Coles Bicton WA renovated Dock Hoist
Coles Bitcon WA upgraded Dock Hoist

Coles in Bicton Western Australia take their employees safety seriously. Which has driven them to replace their existing tired dock hoist with Safetech’s new and improved design. Not only by eliminating hazards that appear from wear and tear, but also from the ergonomic hazards inherit of materials handling. Pedestrian safety barriers and Boom gates on 2 sides are distinguishing features of this hoist.

But it also includes:

  • Extended load flap
  • Safety skirt
  • Reinforced bumper pilons
  • Weather proof and secure recessed onboard control panel
  • Standard 2 pack epoxy finish
Coles Bicton WA Old Hoist
old dock hoist in need of replacement
Coles Bicton Dock Hoist upgraded
Renovated Dock Hoist for Coles Bicton

higher speed and capacity motor aid in efficiency and durability, extended load flap acts as a barrier when vertical, versatile dual boom gates aid in the unloading process.

Coles Bitcon Boom Gates 1
Versatile Boom Gates Dock Hoist

This Dock Hoist’s capacity is at 4000kg and are a critical link between delivery vehicles and the loading dock.

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