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Gorbel Easy Arm now part of the Hawkei assembly team

Made in Australia and sold globally, the Hawkei is a local success story.

Hawkei uses Easy ArmThe Hawkei is a locally designed and manufactured protected vehicle which will replace the current Land Rover Perentie Fleet in the Australian Defence Force.

With a contract to manufacture 300 Hawkei Protected Vehicles for the ADF over three years, Thales Bendigo has a bright future.

Benefits to the Bendigo region include employment of around 150 personnel. This will increase to 200+ as production of Hawkei increases.

The Gorbel Easy Arm is now part of the assembly team at Thales Bendigo, installed with custom lifting jigs and a 150kg capacity. Continue Reading…

Single Scissor Lift provides a safe lifting solution

Installed in a large industrial site this single scissor lift is a simple and safe solution to a hazardous lifting problem.

This single scissor lift has a travel height of 1800mm, with a platform size of 2900mm x 1400mm and lift capacity of 1000kg, perfect for moving scaffolding and maintenance trolleys between floors.

Safety features include safety bar and skirt to prevent pinch point, enclosed handrails and gates, and ramp out front with handrails.

Read more about our customised scissor lifts or contact us for expert advice on your lifting problem.

Safetech Single Scissor Lift Continue Reading…

Harley Davidson bikes travel safely with Safetech

How do you move a motor bike between a basement and showroom safely and easily? The solution is simple – a Marco Double Scissor Lift.

Safetech-Double-Scissor-LiftWith a platform size of 3000mm x 1400mm, lift capacity of 1500 kg and travel of up to 3800mm,the double scissor lift is a great way to get the bikes form basement service area to upper showroom.

Safety features include bar under floor protection to prevent pinch point as the bikes raise through opening of upper landing, as well as fencing with gate. Aluminium chequer plate finish on the platform is a durable plus suitable finish for the site.

See our range of scissor lifts or get in touch to discuss how we can provide a solution for your custom lifting project.

Freight and Personnel Lifting Solutions

If you’re moving Freight and Personnel between floor levels, Safetech can provide you with a solution to suit your requirements.

Dependant on the site and customer requirements the equipment and its design standards will differ. If you have an application where you wish to transport goods only, or with a trained ‘Attendant’ to ride along with the goods then you require a Goods Hoist.

An application suitable for transporting both goods and personnel will call for a Goods and Personal Hoist. Continue Reading…

Pallet Handling Solutions

Pallets are a necessary part of moving many of the goods required today.

Safe and efficient Pallet Handling requires:

  1. Making pallets available when they are required
  2. Eliminating or reducing manual handling
  3. Reduce reliance on Forklifts.
  4. Separate Forklifts and Pedestrians.

Continue Reading…

Multilevel Goods Hoist

Safetech release multilevel Goods Hoist

Safetech has continued to expand its product offering with the recent edition of expanded models in the Goods Hoist Range, including the release of a multilevel Goods Hoist.

Whilst a majority of Goods Hoists Installed are between two levels there is an ever increasing call for extra levels with more installations in and around the Central Business Districts of Australia’s major capital cities.

These new additions allow:

  • Up to 4 levels to be serviced
  • Larger Capacities up to and beyond 10,000kg
  • Larger Platform Sizes
  • Additional Booth Finish options
  • An extension of our lo profile design to these larger capacities

Find out more about our range of Goods Hoists, or contact us on 1800 674 566 to discuss your requirements.

Workstation Lifting Solutions

Workstation lifting applications require a customised and well thought out solution.

Safetech has a broad product range to provide a solution tailored to the individual requirements. All applications require assessment for (among many others): space requirements (LxWxH), capacity, how the product is to be lifted (above or below).

This assessment with the assistance of Safetech trained sales force will assist you to decide which workstation lifting solution fits your application. Continue Reading…

Stretch Wrapping Solutions

As your manufacturing/production or warehousing business grows you need to consider how you are palletising your products, and how you hold those pallet loads together.

Typically small volumes get hand wrapped, but the risks and draw backs are many:

  • Poorly wrapped product risks damage
  • Poorly wrapped product creates a safety risk
  • Hand wrapping causes back and other injuries
  • Machine wrapping will be quicker/more consistent and use less film.

The Safetechrange of stretch wrappers covers replacement of hand wrapping applications through to higher volumes ideal for semi automatic machines. Continue Reading…

Product Release – Goods Hoist Compact

Safetech continue to develop new products, responding to the needs of our market we have released the Goods Hoist Compact, the Solution to goods movement over one level in a modular design.

The Goods Hoist Compact design has minimal impact on your building, can be installed in a single day and is supplied in a modular package.  We have seen the need for a hoist without the full list of features, allowing lower use applications to be installed in a timely and economical fashion, yet still providing the ease of use available on our larger fully specified Hoists.

Contact the team at Safetech to find out more about this new and exciting product line.

Pallet Loading Solutions

Want to improve your pallet loading, improve worker moral and productivity, and reduce your risk of injury?

Safetech approach pallet loading from above and below with the following aims:

  • Reduce loading times (productivity)
  • Increase overall safety for operators
  • Completely eliminate lifting (if possible)
  • Eliminate bending
  • Eliminate reaching
  • Eliminate walking with goods.

Continue Reading…

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