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Vertical Dock Leveller


Vertical Dock Leveller

The Compact and Versatile

Vertical Dock Leveller by Safetech

The Perfect Fit, Shelf or Pit


Safetech’s Vertical Dock Leveller can be safely installed either on a shelf or in a pit.
Both installations provide the same energy efficiencies and ease of maintenance. So with either choice, the energy saving alone means a positive return on your investment in a short time for a long time.



When Climate Control is Key

A growing number of companies are operating climate-controlled facilities.
Safetech Vertical Dock Levellers directly contribute to environmental efficiency, security and cleanliness allowing you to take control of your warehouse.

• Control the Environment

When installed with insulated doors, dock seals or inflatable shelters, energy management programs cannot be compromised by air infiltration through the leveler or the hinged bottom pad.

• Control Safety

Leveller stops instantly if lower or raise button is released.
Maintenance / Safety strut located within easy reach without having to stand under the leveller.

• Control Cleanliness

Allow quick, unobstructed access to the pit or shelf for easy cleaning from inside the building.

• Control Security

Leveller is stored vertically, providing a tight seal around the doorway, eliminating potential entry and pilferage
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