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Self Storage Hoists


Self Storage Hoists

Safetech freight hoists maximise your self-storage revenue making your dual level facility a reality.

Safetech self-storage freight hoists provide access for up to 4 levels of storage. Available as goods only, attended or DDA compliant, Safetech goods hoists deliver a quality operator impression, enhancing your clients self-storage experience.

Smooth, quiet travel and no expensive pit required. The Safetech Low Profile Goods Hoist eliminates the need to pit mount the hoist and has a low height of only 40mm to provide easy loading of the booth for your customers with hand pallet trucks, trolleys and hand trucks
Safetech will detail your Freight/Goods lift to match your installation, with custom dimensions and capacities. We work in closely with facility developers to install at the right stage of the build, minimising overall cost.


  • Self storage hoists are designed for a pitless installation, saving costs and ideal for suspended slabs and leased facilities
  • Lift style controls make operation easier for untrained operators
  • The industries smoothest ride hoist, reducing impact on all mechanical and hydraulic components


  • New facility build – in shaft or freestanding
  • 2–4 Level facilities
  • Vehicle storage facilities
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