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Gorbel Workstation Cranes

Cranes and Hoists - Gorbel Workstation Cranes

SAFETECH GORBEL Workstation Cranes – A Class Above.

Workstation cranes create safe work cells by providing flexible lifting over a wide area:

  • Avoid costly crippling injuries.
  • Unique design provides 100:1 ergonomic ratio. Move 1000kg with 10kgs of force.
  • 3 times easier to move than I beam cranes.
  • Productivity gains up to 28%.
  • Available as ceiling or floor mounted bridge cranes, jibs and monorails.
  • Runway Spans up to 9.1 metres.
  • Bridge Lengths up to 10.3 metres.
  • Capacities from 125kg to 2000kg.
  • Modular, durable and tough.
  • Easy to install and relocate.


Gorbel Workstation Cranes can be configured as follows:

Bridge Crane (Ceiling Mounted)

Incorporates two parallel runways, suspended from the building ceiling, bridge can travel. A hoist trolley or crab can travel along the bridge, thus providing full coverage over a rectangular work area. Multiple bridges can be attached to a single bridge and the capacities of these bridges can vary according to need.

Bridge Cranes with capacities from 125 to 2,000 kgs, 10 M bridges and long runways – all with Gorbels renowned ease of movement and quality build.

Freestanding Bridge Crane (Floor Mounted)

As above, except that the runways are supported on a freestanding structure.


Increased productivity - Gorbel® Work Station Cranes help workers work more productively than traditional I-beam cranes. A study conducted by Rochester Institute of Technology shows that work station cranes increase productivity up to 28 percent compared with I-beam cranes. In many applications customers cost justify the crane system with productivity increases alone.

Ease of movement and positioning - Gorbel® Work Station Bridge Cranes can move a load three times more easily than a traditional I-beam crane. This ease of movement and positioning results from Gorbel®'s unique enclosed track design, high strength-to- weight ratio, and rigid runways with anti-binding end trucks.

Increased Quality - Enclosed track cranes can increase the quality of goods while reducing the cost of damaged or rejected parts. Loads are so easy to move and position with workstation cranes, much of the damage that is done to the product during the manufacturing process is eliminated.

Improved work force utilisation - Gorbel® Workstation Cranes  allow tasks to be performed by 90 percent of workers. The Rochester Institute of Technology study commissioned by Gorbel shows that less than 10 percent of men can safely handle a 2,000-kg. load on a manual I- beam crane, but more than 99 percent can do so on a Gorbel® Work Station Crane. With physical strength  less of an issue you can better utilise your labour - particularly with today's aging and increasingly female work force.

Modular Design - Gorbel®'s pre-engineered modular kit design permits easy expansion or relocation. The runway length can be increased by adding runway sections, free standing support assemblies and additional bridges as needed.


Bulk bag handling with Monorail Crane
Application: 1,000kg bulk bags of granulated plastic need to be positioned over a pair of hoppers so the contents can be emptied into the in-feed shute. This task was currently performed using a forklift and lifting frame to raise each bag and then locate it into sockets in a tall steel structure.
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Automotive Gorbel Workstation Crane
Application: Picking up an engine block from a pallet and loading it inside a machine.
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Automotive parts manufacturer
Application: This plant handles brake rotors that are used on light duty trucks. The rotors weigh approximately 25 kg's. They transfer down a roller conveyor to the operators, who must load them onto a pallet at a rate of about four rotors each minute.
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Automotive sub assembly manufacturer selects Gorbel crane
Application: Lifting engines and transmissions onto a production line and then transferring the completed assemblies onto shipping pallets at the end of the line.
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Cranes for Trucking Company
The Solution: A Gorbel ceiling mounted work station crane with 2 tonne capacity runways and multiple 500 kg capacity bridges. The system was designed to cover not only the testing cells, but several other work cells on that side of the building.
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Gorbel Workstation crane cuts down operating time
Application: The engines enter the factory on skids and are then fitted with all of the external components and assemblies. Weighing between 40-100kgs; these components are taken from storage; which is kept along the edge of the workshop and walked over to the engine block. They are then positioned and bolted into place on the engine.
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Lifting Motors with Gorbel - Lifting with an Overhead Crane
Application: Moving heavy motors from a storage rack to a work bench where they are assembled. These motors can weigh anywhere from 75-150 kgs. Precision and accuracy is needed when placing the motors into the drive heads.
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Manufacturer of airport support vehicles
Application: Customer needed cranes heavy items to vehicles as they travel through an assembly line. The line contained six work stations in which the customer needed workers to be able to assemble and move 2000kg loads at their own pace.
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Manufacturing automotive gas tanks
Application: Lifting, inspecting and loading finished gas tanks weighing 25 kgs from the production line to shipping racks.
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Pet Food Company takes pain out of Processing with Gorbel Crane
THE PROBLEM: The application of concern was in the food processing area of the plant where pallets of frozen meat are brought in from a cooler.
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Crane assists with fabrication of glass mirrors
Application: Fabrication of large mirrors.
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Crane for Air Conditioning and heater manufacturer
Application: The customer needed a product that could help workers pick packaged pallets of AC units from the end of an assembly line and load them onto trailers more efficiently that the current method.
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Gorbel Crane eases the pain
Application: The application area is used to feed panels of Chipboard and Acrylic onto a nesting machine which is used for routing, shaping and cutting boards into finished basic shapes ready for further assembly.
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Injection Moulder changes moulds with Gorbel crane
Application: Changing moulds weighing up to 900 kgs; 15 times per week.
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Mortuary Lift with Gorbel Monorail Crane
Application: Body Lifter at funeral home mortuary
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Automotive Ceiling Mounted Work Station Crane
In this business, you need an overhead crane, and in our experience, Gorbel is the best.
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G-Force sweetens the chocolate
Lifting, positioning and tilting plastic tubs full of chocolate to pour into 14 mixers
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PROFORM Benchtop manufacturing with Gorbel Cranes
Manufacturing with Gorbel crane systems provides productivity and safety
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Utility workers prevent injury with Gorbel cranes
For this utility company Gorbel cranes are the best way to prevent injury
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Crane in foundry improves safety and morale
Foundry installs workstation crane
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Ceiling Mounted Work Station Bridge Cranes with Motorised Trolley and Interlock
Lowering air conditioning units into a dip tank with Gorbel cranes
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Gorbel cranes for PROFORM benchtops
World class manufacturing with world class crane systems
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Lifting Gearboxes, Pumps, Power units
Lifting, shifting industrial equipment for assembly with Gorbel cranes
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Paper roll handling with Gorbel workstation crane
Green Bay Packaging is a pulp and paper manufacturer using 100% recycled materials to produce a wide variety paperboard packaging.
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G Force and productivity boost
Metal treatment company uses G Force with great results
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Gorbel easy Arm replaces Vacuum Lifter
A Gorbel Easy arm proves more effective than a vacuum lifter
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