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Powerlift DC Trolleys


Powerlift DC Trolleys

Lightweight mobile, powered lifting – Safetech DC Powerlift Trolley

No hydraulics, no pumping. Push button power.

Effortless, smooth and quiet lifting from a linear actuator puts the power at your fingertips. High quality castors create an easy, lightweight feel in either our single scissor 250kg trolley or the DCD100 double scissor with 100kg capacity.

The absence of hydraulics makes the Powerlift trolley the perfect ergonomic companion for clean room environments. Ideal for applications including libraries, offices, laundry and money handling, medical centres and veterinary clinics.

The batteries have a high duty cycle, can be recharged overnight and a single charge can power up to 150 lifts.


  • Silent, push of a button lifting
  • Non Hydraulic, so no mess
  • Light, but robust lifting upto 250kg


  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Laundries
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