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Pallet Exchanger


Pallet Exchanger

The only Australian Designed Pallet Exchanger

Don’t transfer palletised goods by hand. The Safetech pallet exchanger delivers automated pallet exchanging with single press of a button.

Load the Pallet exchanger using a forklift or hand pallet truck and in just 30 seconds you can exchange the pallet that the load is on.

Where you need to transfer product from one pallet to another, square up a pallet load or remove spacer sheets (particularly following freezing or chilling of product) massive reductions in time and labour are achieved.  The manual handling aspect of transferring product for these processes is completely removed, eliminating the risk of injury caused by repetitive lifting.

The pallet exchanger also increases the rate at which pallets can be changed.  Manually restacking pallets on average will take 5 minutes. The pallet exchanger will allow you to exchange a pallet or remove spacer sheets in approx. 45 seconds.


  • Readily Transfer products to new pallets
  • Utilise the exchanger for slip sheet removal
  • Loadable using a pallet truck


  • Pharmacuetical and food where timber pallets are to be avoided.
  • Chilled Food and meatworks for removing honeycomb spacers.
  • General tilting of products where the pallet needs to be removed.
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