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Pallet Dispensers


Pallet Dispensers

Safetech Pallet Dispensers provide storage and easy retrieval of empty pallets.

Any operation that generates a significant number of empty pallets stored for later use is an ideal opportunity for a pallet dispenser. A key advantage is it frees forklift time – retrieval of pallets can be done with hand pallet truck.

The Safetech dispenser avoids pallet damage that often occurs with other dispensers. Regular dispenser will lift the pallet by squeezing the side, often damaging or breaking them. Safetech has designed its pallet dispensers to lift pallets in the same way that a forklift or hand pallet truck does – with tynes under the board. This safely stores and dispenses pallets as needed.


  • Compact single stack dispenser require no additional guarding
  • Dispense two pallets simultaneously for use with double length LOP’S (Low Level Order Pickers)
  • Hook type pallet engagement improves performance and reduces pallet damage
  • Automated dispensing responds to pallet removal for improved pallet availability
  • Dramatic reduction in storage space and effort for pallet handling


  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Distribution Centres
  • As part of automated pallet handling lines
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