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Holdsafe Stabiliser


Holdsafe Stabiliser

The Safetech Mobile Trailer Stabiliser

Unsupported trailers can be a major hazard at your dock, or within your yard. Placed under the front frame of your semi-trailers, the HoldSafe Trailer Stabiliser reduces trailer tip and landing gear collapse accidents during loading and unloading, where the prime mover has been removed.

The HoldSafe Trailer Stabiliser also reduces landing gear sinking into asphalt or gravel drive aprons. The design is ergonomic with large semi-pneumatic easy roll wheels, and a bicycle style handle for easy manoeuvring. The two speed gearbox makes positioning quick and easy.

Trucking is a relentless industry, requiring safety that does not slow down the operation. The Safetech HoldSafe Stabiliser has been keeping logistics and trucking yards safe over many years. The proven and simple solution to avoiding trailer tip and collapse, particularly during loading and unloading of goods.


  • Proven solution to protect from trailer collapse
  • Easily setup and relocated
  • Effective protection from trailers sink on softer ground


  • Large Distribution Centres
  • Food Manufacturing Loading Docks
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