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Electric Chain Hoist


Electric Chain Hoist

Quality Hoists to suit your workstation crane

Safetech know the importance of combining your ‘below the hook’ solution with your selection of workstation crane.  We work with only the highest quality hoist models and will integrate it with your workstation bridge, monorail jib crane.

Safetech will manage the appropriate hoist selection, the control and power supply configuration and festooning.  With our class above workstation cranes, not requiring power for any cross travel, your hoist selection needs to match this high performance.
Dual speed, single or three phase, IP rating for dust and moisture proofing, duty ratings all require assessment, and Safetech will work through assessment of all aspects.

You can rely on Safetech to provide your full application assessment.


  • Matched to your selected workstation crane
  • Highest quality units
  • Single Phase and 3 phase units
  • IP rated hoists
  • Standrd 3m and 6m lift hoists


  • Heavy capacity lifts (upto 2000kg) matched to your workstation crane
  • Explosive Dust environments – Pneumatic Hoists available
  • Maintenance workshops
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