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Scissor Lift helps Supermarket Meat Packing Plant

Case Study

Industry:  Retail Supermarket meat packing plant
Product:  Safetech service lift table for bucket wheel reclaim


Cutting and packing meat for super markets. Hard manual work and a need to protect workers and increase productivity. Lifting pallets of goods from ground floor to 1st floor. There was no elevator and loads of up to 2 tonne needed to be moved between floors. An efficient, cost effective solution was required.

No alternatives exist on site.


Safetech ASD2-3500 double scissor hydraulic lift table with 3,500mm vertical travel and 3,250 x 1,700mm platform.  Platform has 1,800mm high mesh fences on 3 sides and guard locked boom gates on loading side.  Also included was a durable galvanised plate fixed to surface and loading edge of platform.

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